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With the purpose to help people become healthy in a more natural way and to make nondrug solutions the first choice in healthcare, Ancient Path was founded in 2001. We provided service of Chinese herbal consultation and acupuncture to the community of Lexington, MA and the neighbor towns. In order to provide our service to more people, we started the second office in Westborough, MA in 2004.

At the same time, we found out education is very important for people to approach optimal health. The most significant way to reduce healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease.Therefore, we started offering education programs to our community. We do workshops in our offices as well as in local business, homes, and churches. We aslo became a member of the Doctor’s Speakers Bureau, a non-profit organization that promotes wellness and disease prevention programs. Each year, we volunteer to provide education programs to our community.

Our goal is to help our patients to achieve optimal health and vitality through the holistic approach. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes Mind and Body are integrated together and support each other as the Yin and Yang in Tai Chi graph. Disease in the body may be caused by the accumulation of stress and tension in the mind. The disorder of mind colud be due to the imbalance of the meridians and organ system of the body. Therefore, to healing the Mind will rejuvenate the Body, to balance the Body will ease the Mind, to rejuvenate your face will strengthen the faith, and to strengthen your abdomen will broaden the Mind. By balancing the body, mind, and soul with TCM, a Mind Body approach, one will be able to create awareness and discover the creating energy that lies within him. Consequently, one can stop reenacting the pattern of suffering chronic pains from the past, and start creating new pattern of inner awareness for the future.